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The County offers two dental plans to its employees:



Delta Dental

With this plan you may choose a Delta Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dentist, a Delta Premier dentist, or a non-network dentist that is a member of the California Dental Association. When you visit a Delta Dental dentist, you’ll pay a share of the contracted fee for most services. If you visit a non-network dentist, the plan pays its share of “allowable charges” for services provided and you are responsible for any balance.

Your costs are usually lower when you choose a Delta PPO dentist. Some providers may require you to complete a claim form, although most dentists will file the claim electronically for you.  Contact Delta Dental at 888-335-8227 or at​ to find a provider.​


Liberty Dental

Liberty Dental is a Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO). Similar to a medical HMO plan, you must live in the plan’s service area and receive care from participating dental providers. Copayments apply for specific services; however, there are usually no annual limits and no claim forms.  Contact Liberty Dental at 888-359-1088 or at www.client.libertydentalplan/scc​​ to find a provider.

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