Health Plan Premium Rates

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Your share of costs for medical coverage is based on the plan you choose and the family members you decide to cover, as follows:

  • For the Kaiser and Valley Health HMO Plans, a four-tiered rate structure applies - you may choose to cover yourself only, yourself and your spouse/registered domestic partner, yourself and your child(ren), or yourself and your family.
  • For the Point of Service Plan, a two-tiered rate structure applies - you may choose to cover yourself only or yourself and your family.

For most full-time coded employees, the County pays the cost of employee-only coverage for all health plans and the majority of the cost for covering your family members. Contribution structures are based on bargaining unit agreements, and your contributions are deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis. Rates are subject to change each fiscal year.

If you are a full-time employee and your spouse or registered domestic partner also works for the County, all family members must enroll under one employee (subscriber), and the County will pay 100% of the family rate regardless of the health plan you choose.

You can view the current premium rates here: FY 2022-2023 Medical Benefits Rates.pdf

Rates from the previous plan year can be found here:  ​​​​​FY 2021-2022 Medical Benefits Rates.pdf

You can view the current premium rates for qualified extra-help employees here: FY 2022-2023 Extra-Help Medical Benefits Rates.pdf


Dental and Vision Plan Premium Rates

The County pays the full cost of the dental and vision insurance for full-time coded employees and their eligible dependents.

Part-Time Employees

Part-time employees share the cost of health, dental, vision, and basic life plans. These rates are prorated based on the number of regular hours an employee works each pay-period. Your contribution is deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis. For more information on prorated costs, contact your Department’s Employee Service Center.

Payroll Deductions

Employees are responsible for verifying that your payroll deductions are correct. If you experience a problem with your payroll deductions, contact your Department’s Service Center immediately.​​​

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