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The County offers vision benefits from Vision Service Plan (VSP). You may select a provider from their list of optometrists or go out of network. When you make your appointment, mention to your selected provider’s office that you are a VSP member. The provider’s office will contact VSP for you and verify your eligibility.

Vision benefits cover an exam with a $20 copay and lenses every 12 months at no cost. The plan provides a $120 allowance for frames every 24 months. The plan does not cover scratch resistant coating, tinting, tinted contacts or designer frames. Some providers will offer you discounts on these items or discounts on a second pair glasses.

The plan also covers contact lenses up to $120 every 12 months in lieu of glasses, including the exam.
Contact VSP at 800-877-7195 or go to VSP Vision Care to find a provider.

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