New Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider: CONCERN

The County of Santa Clara Employee Benefits Department is pleased to offer an enhanced and expanded Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for County employees. The EAP helps employees by providing timely access to mental health and wellbeing resources. CONCERN is a top tier provider of mental health services and comprehensive crisis and organizational support. See the overview flyer here.



Connect with Concern by calling 800-344-4222 24/7 or visit: 

and log in with our company code: SCCGOV 

Then click on “Get Services” to create your confidential digital dashboard.

All full-time coded, part-time coded, provisional, unclassified and extra help County employees, and their families (spouses, registered domestic partners, and childen up to age 26) are eligible to take advantage of the Concern EAP benefit.

Available Resources
- Immediate, "in-the-moment" crisis support
- Up to 8 confidential counseling sessions, per issue,  each year for stress, anxiety, relationships, grief and loss, and more
- Up to four 30-minute personal coaching sessions each year with an experienced, certified coach
- Up to two free 30-minute consultations with a pre-screened financial specialist, per issue, per year. 25% discounted rate should you continue  services 
- One free 30-minute consultation with a pre-screened qualified attorney, per issue, per year. 25% discounted rate should you continue services 
- Adult/elder care resources
- Parenting and child care referrals
- On-demand mindfulness solutions
- Resource library including videos, apps, toolkits and more
- New Resource! Parent Coaching

Watch an introductory video showing how the CONCERN EAP supports you here.

Connect with Concern by calling 800-344-4222 24/7 or visit: 

and log in with our company code: SCCGOV 

Then click on “Get Services” to create your confidential digital dashboard.

Please contact your Department Service Center for assistance.

This is a valuable resource included as part of your total compensation package.

Monthly Healthy & Resilient You Newsletters

August 2023
August gets us thinking about the end of summer, back to school and the the move to a new season. This newsletter looks at ways parents can help lessen anxiety and frustration around the summer-to-school transition.  Though parenting-focused, the newsletter offers many universal techniques and tips for managing change-related stress that are useful for any age and many situations. 

July 2023
July's newsletter explores the ongoing friendship decline in the U.S. It examines how the pandemic weakened our social connections and how important friends are to our wellbeing. Finally, it offers tips for getting past social inertia to reconnect with lost friends and nurture quality relationships.   

June 2023
In this issue, we explore how an ancestral fear of the unknown erects barriers to embracing diversity in the present. The newsletter examines how this instinctive fear response triggers bias and mistrust of new people, viewpoints, and experiences.  Finally, it offers tips on leveraging positive emotions and guided mindfulness techniques to help us be open to the many benefits of an increasingly diverse and exciting world. 

May 2023 - Special Edition - Coping with Violence and Mass Shootings

May 2023 - Special Edition #2 - Helping Children Cope with Emotions Related to Violence

May 2023
May is Mental health Awareness Month. In this newsletter, we address the connection between physical and mental wellness.  We touch on research supporting the body/brain connection through the lens of diet and physical exercise.  Read through for actionable tips for using diet to improve mood and mental wellbeing, as well as tips to move more, for improved physical AND mental health.

April 2023
Examining the pros and cons of stress and how our ancestral stress response can be problematic in the present. We explore how stress can be surprisingly beneficial, and offer hacks to maximize the positive (and minimize the detrimental) impacts of stress as we go about our daily lives.

March 2023
Exploring the connection between our finances and stress levels and to ways to mindfully manage both.

February 2023 - Time Management
This issue offers mindful strategies for time management to help get more done in the limited time we have. 

January 2023 - Special Edition - Violence and Mass Shootings
Information and resources to assist employees coping with the spate of violence and mass shootings.

January 2023 - Special Edition - California Storms
Information and resources to assist employees impacted by recent storms.

January 2023
Why many of our New Year’s Resolutions fail within the first few months and how to take a more mindful approach to your resolutions for improved chances of success.

December 2022
Strategies for engaging in constructive conversations during the holidays with those who hold opposing viewpoints and beliefs. 

Special Information and Webinars

Concern Health provides special information and webinars to further the wellbeing of you and your family. Upcoming events listed here.

BROADCAST WEBINAR: Identity Theft Protection
Wednesday July 26, 2023 12PM - 1PM  | Click here to register
In today’s digital world, someone becomes a victim of identity theft every two seconds. During the webinar, our Fraud Resolution Specialist will share tips on how to build a wall of defense against identity thieves and how to lessen the impact when victimized.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

BROADCAST WEBINAR: Recognizing a Colleague in Need
Wednesday May 24, 2023  12PM  |  Click here to register.
As a colleague, you can play a crucial role in assisting a co-worker who appears to be struggling and exhibiting worrisome behavior. Perhaps you have noticed signs of emotional or mental distress from issues arising in the workplace. Join us for this informative presentation, and engage in a discussion on how to address and find support for your concerns.

Agenda Topics
- Definition of emotional and mental health
- Recognizing a colleague in need
- What you can do as a colleague
- Supporting a colleague in need
- Personal self-care
- Employee Assistance Program
- Scenarios

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Click here for the Webinar Presentation Slide Deck.

BROADCAST WEBINAR: Technology’s Impact on Your Child’s Mental Health
Wednesday February 15, 2023  12PM 
Didn't attend live? Watch the webinar recording here.
Since the release of smart phones, major depression, suicidal ideation, and self-harming has increased at an alarming rate for our youth. In this webinar, you will learn the impact of technology on our youth, learn ways to navigate technology in the home and what tools you will need before, during and after you give your child a device such as a phone or a computer.



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