Deferred Compensation Plan

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The Deferred Compensation (DC) Plan is a defined contribution retirement savings plan that allows you to set aside compensation and defer payment of applicable federal and state taxes until you retire and take withdrawals from your account. Participating in this plan may lower your taxable income now; your tax obligation may also be lower in retirement.

On December 8, 2017, the County moved to Fidelity Investments as the new 457(b) retirement plan service provider.  The Defined Contributions Plans Committee made this selection after a competitive procurement process and an exhaustive review and evaluation of options.  The Committee is very excited about the changes ahead and feels confident that you will be pleased with the new offerings available through the County of Santa Clara and Fidelity.  For more information about Fidelity, please click on the link on the right.

If you have questions about the Deferred Compensation Plan, contact your Department's Service Center​ or call 408-970-2612.


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