Your Spouse or Same Sex Domestic Partner's Benefits Change

Contact your HR Service Center if you need to make changes to your benefits as related to a spouse or same-sex domestic partner. These changes could include adding or deleting someone as a dependent, waiving your medical benefits in lieu of taxable compensation, or reinstating your medical benefits.


What If I Am Married To Another County Employee Or In A Same-Sex Domestic Partnership Where We Both Work For The County? Can We Both Have Health Plan Coverage?

If you and your spouse or partner are both County employees, only one employee is allowed to carry health plan coverage. One employee may chose to enroll in family coverage and the other employee must waive their health plan coverage and be enrolled as a dependent. This limitation applies to health plan coverage only. You and all eligible dependents may enroll in or remain enrolled in dental and vision coverage. This enrollment limitation does not apply to Court employees. If you are a Court employee, contact your Departmental Employee Service Center to determine your options for enrollment.​

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