Employee Initiated Classification Review Checklist

Departments are required to ensure that the duties assigned to their employees fit within the employee’s classification.  If the duties do not fit, departments will be required to reassign the duties appropriately or revoke the duties entirely.  If the position is alternately staffed, the supervisor may evaluate the employee for possible promotion. 

Employees in CEMA represented classifications may initiate a process to ensure that the employee’s position is properly classified.  In the event an employee believes that the work assigned is outside of the employee’s job description the employee should engage in an interactive process with their supervisor to discuss such duties.  To help employees in this discussion, the employee should schedule time and meet with their supervisor to review the following:

  • List of current job duties
  • List of current duties believed to be outside the classification
  • Copy of current job specification
  • Executive Management Initiated Classification Study Request Process document
  • Completed Position Classification Questionnaire (PCQ) (optional)
  • Other pertinent information

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