Executive Management Benefits

Executive Managers receive the same general benefits as are available to all other County employees. This includes medical, dental, vision, the payment/reimbursement of Bar Association dues and mandated State license fees. In addition, they are provided tuition reimbursement and professional development benefits consistent with those applicable to County mid-management employees.

As Executive Managers, these employees are also eligible to receive Executive Management Life Insurance, Deferred Compensation Plan, Short-term Disability, Long-term Disability, and Post-Recruitment Costs.

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  • Executive Management Post-Recruitment Costs

    Contingent upon the state of the County budget, the difficulty inherent in recruiting for the position and the residential location of a candidate, some newly hired Executive Managers may be entitled to receive post-recruitment costs.

  • Executive Management Deferred Compensation Plan

    Designated Executive Management classifications receive County of Santa Clara paid contributions to the County's Deferred Compensation Plan in the sum of $16,500.00 per year or as may be adjusted to reflect changes in law to the contribution limits.

  • Executive Management Leave Provisions

    Executive Management Leave Provisions, applicable to persons in management positions (excluding elective office positions), include information on Annual Leave, Sick Leave and Administrative Leave.

  • Executive Management Life Insurance

    Executive Managers are provided a County paid premium for a $200,000.00 double indemnity term life insurance policy during the period of their employment.

  • Executive Management Short Term Disability

    Executive Managers may be entitled, upon the determination by the Deputy County Executive with responsibility for the Employee Services Agency, to receive Short Term Disability benefits.

  • Executive Management Long Term Disability

    Executive Managers may be entitled to receive Long Term Disability benefits.

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