Executive Management Deferred Compensation Plan

Designated Executive Management classifications receive County of Santa Clara paid contributions to the County’s Deferred Compensation Plan in the sum of $17,000.00 per year or as may be adjusted to reflect changes in law to the contribution limits as prescribed under Section 457 of the Internal revenue Code and regulations hereunder.

The County contributes to the following Executive Management classifications: Board of Supervisors; County Executive; Clerk of the Board of Supervisors; Director, Finance Agency; Chief Information Officer; Assistant County Executive; Deputy County Executive; SCVHHS Chief Executive Officer; Director, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center; Chief Financial Officer, SCVHHS; Chief of Correction; Assessor; Director, Ambulatory and Community Health Services; District Attorney; County Counsel; Sheriff; Director, Social Services Agency; Public Defender; and Director, Department of Child Support Services.

The County contribution is paid on the basis of the calendar year and shall be prorated in any calendar year according to the portion of the year during which such executive manager holds the position/office. Payment by the County of the contribution shall be dependent upon the executive manager’s enrollment in the County’s Deferred Compensation Plan. For the Board of Supervisors, District Attorney, Sheriff, and Assessor, the County shall contribute the amounts as permitted under the “Catch-up Provision” of the Deferred Compensation Plan or effective January 1, 2002 the “Age 50 Catch-up Plan”.

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