Executive Management Salary Ordinance

The Executive Leadership Salary Ordinance provides for the compensation of persons in management positions of the County of Santa Clara, unrepresented by recognized employee organizations, and includes members of the Board of Supervisors, the Assessor, the District Attorney, and the Sheriff.

Exhibit A sets forth the specific executive leadership positions and lists the corresponding bi-weekly base salary (mid-point) for each position (excluding the Board of Supervisors). Elected County officials (excluding the Board of Supervisors), and persons appointed by the Board of Supervisors shall be paid as listed in Exhibit A. To view specific Executive Leadership position salary ranges, please go to the Job Specification site under Human Resources site.

Specifically, the Executive Leadership Salary Ordinance provides specific information on Executive Management positions, salary, transfers, inplacement, leave provisions, disability income, other benefits, vehicle allowance, Public Employees’ Retirement Law, retiree health insurance, Deferred Compensation Plan, life insurance, and employees in class code A01 (Board of Supervisors).

We have provided below, the current and previous Executive Leadership Salary Ordinances and Exhibit A.

Current Executive Salary Ordinance:

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