Ingrade Appointment

​The Ingrade Policy​ allows the County to appoint a newly hired employee to a step higher than the lowest step.

With prior approval, an employee newly hired to the County may be ingraded (appointed at a salary step higher than the lowest step listed in the basic salary plan). Human Resources must approve an ingrade request prior to any offer of employment at a salary other than the lowest step. (A25-660 (a) (g)).

If an employee has unusual qualifications the department head may complete the attached "Ingrade Appointment Form" and submit along with the employees application/resume to Human Resources for approval.

To appoint an employee to step four or five, the department head must prepare a transmittal and "Fourth & Fifth Step Ingrade Appointment Form (attached below). This is submitted along with the employees' application/resume to Office of Budget and Analysis for fiscal review. The Office of Budget and Analysis then forwards the packet to Human Resources for review of the employees minimum qualifications and final approval.

Find related forms here​.

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