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ESA Human Resources is pleased to support agencies and departments through the Career Pathways and Outreach Team.  The team helps agencies and departments find entry-level candidates through alternative recruitment and hiring programs, including:

  • Employment Support Unclassified Program (ESUP), which sources candidates from:
    - County Employment for Foster Youth (CEFY) 
    - CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES)
    - CalFresh Employment and Training
    - Rapid Rehousing
    - Reentry Services
  • Student Internship Program (SIP)


Filling Vacancies through the Employment Support Unclassified Program (ESUP)

Based on the Board of Supervisors' Board Policy Resolution 3.22, we find candidates using alternative sources with the goal of helping you fill certain vacancies. Working with several Social Services Agency, Office of Supportive Housing, and Reentry Services programs, we can source candidates for 42 specific entry-level positions through ESUP.  These potential employees are eager program participants who are prepared to work hard to be successful in a County career and improve their lives through economic self-sufficiency. Candidates are screened to meet employment standards, hired as unclassified employees, and have 9 months to test and promote to a classified status. By hiring a candidate coming from the ESUP, you can provide a tremendous opportunity for someone looking for a hand up, not a handout, while also filling your vacancy.  See the listing of Footnote 126 entry-level classifications here

Click here to learn more about the Employment Support Unclassified Program (ESUP) process and how it can help fill your vacancies. 

Building a Talent Pipeline through the Student Internship Program (SIP)

The Student Internship Program nurtures the educational and professional development of promising students, which may lead to long-term retention of the candidate as a County employee. The program allows your department to hire qualified students to assist you and learn about your operation. These students may be interested in future public sector careers and can gain valuable experience. Many have come back to become regular County employees. 

Click here to learn more about the Student Internship Program (SIP) process and how it can help build a talent pipeline for your future needs. 


The Career Pathways and Outreach Team proactively searches for talent by going into the community and participating in fairs, events, and more. We also create opportunities for potential candidates to learn about specific departments that are hiring through virtual information sessions. At events, we share information about the County, the work the County does to support residents, the types of jobs that are available, and why the County of Santa Clara is an employer that should be considered. It takes a diverse workforce to support a diverse community, and we attend a wide array of events to reach as many communities as possible, including:

  • Stanford Powwow
  • Juneteenth In the Streets Festival
  • Silicon Valley Pride
  • Local college and university job fairs, including:

          - Santa Clara University
         -  San Jose State University
         - San Francisco State University
         - UC Santa Cruz 
         - Mission College
         - more!

Visit our Career and Community Events page to find upcoming events and see where we'll be!


Contact the Career Pathways and Outreach Team at [email protected] to discuss filling your vacancies using candidates sourced from these programs.

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