Labor Relations

One of the Employee Services Agency's key functions is to conduct contract negotiations with 27 bargaining units. The Agency works closely with the 18 labor organizations that represent employees to create and maintain positive working relationships.

Within the Agency, Labor Relations(LR) administers and enforces labor agreements, trains supervisors and managers, oversees the meet and confer process, monitors usage of temporary employees, and represents the County in disciplinary appeal hearings, grievances, and arbitrations. LR is also responsible for the proper allocation of classifications to bargaining units in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as researching and implementing changes in all family leave laws. Additionally, LR ensures the County complies with all federal and state employment laws, California Public Employment Relations Board rulings, court rulings that affect labor-management relations, or other rules related to employment. LR also administers the County's employee-employer relations ordinance and the U.S. Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing program, as well as coordinates the Fit-for-Duty program that evaluates an employee's mental or physical ability to perform his/her duties.​

Labor Relations Department
70 West Hedding Street, East Wing, 8th Floor
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone : (408) 970-2100
Fax: (408) 286-4813​
Email: [email protected]

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