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 The County Treasury Administrator is an executive management position that will perform all administrative duties related to the management of the County treasury portfolio that has operating funds for the County, schools and special districts and segregated portfolios for special program needs. The administrator develops the strategic goals of this program and provides oversight for the County’s Debt Pro-gram and related financial activities of the County. The administrator oversees the coordination of debt issuance for major capital projects, and controls disbursement of bond proceeds to capital projects. This position manages the operations of joint powers of authority (JPA) and financing authorities established for issuing debts, and deals with highly sensitive issues in various interactions with the Board of Supervisors, senior management, school districts and other governmental agencies. The administrator will supervise treasury staff comprising of the portfolio manager, securities analyst, bond and investment analyst and the general operational staff that implements the daily investment and public finance functions to achieve County goals. 

The administrator is responsible for achieving maximum interest earnings after giving full consideration to safety and liquidity on cash assets under the responsibility of the County Treasurer. This position analyzes investment and public finance opportunities in relation to state law and County policy and directs staff in making appropriate investments.


The Finance Agency, through its four departments (Controller-Treasurer Department, Office of the Tax Collector, Department of Revenue, and Clerk-Recorder’s Office), manages the County’s financial systems and cash resources as well as the cash resources of school districts within the County. The agency’s wide perspective and scope of responsibilities are shaped by the combined strength of its individual departments, each providing unique and highly specialized services.

The Controller-Treasurer Department is the largest of the four departments within the Finance Agency. The Department has Countywide responsibility for accounting, disbursements, treasury and investment, internal auditing, and accounting systems management. The Department plays a critical role in ensuring the County’s financial success and ongoing viability.

The Treasury Division is responsible for the investment of idle funds and the processing of all deposits made by the County, school districts, and special purpose districts. This division is also responsible for debt financing.

In accordance with law and investment policies, the investment function works to maximize the interest earnings on funds belonging to the County, school districts and special districts while ensuring the safety of principal and maintenance of liquidity.

Debt Management provided County management with ongoing analyses of the long-term debt and make accurate and timely debt service payments on the long-term debt issued by the County and the general obligation bonds issued by the school districts and special districts. To learn more about the Finance Agency


• Provide liaison in investment and debt areas with representatives of other districts, Federal, State, city, and County financial officers, internal and external auditors, and outside vendors;

• Managing the investment and debt issuance program;

• Preparing and reviewing reports and reviews reports prepared by staff for the Board or County Administration;

• Compiling and analyzing information regarding the safety, liquidity, and yield of securities eligible for investment;

• Advising and coordinating activities related to the County’s cash flow forecasting functions;

• Directing investment staff and providing guidance and interpretation of County’s Investment Policy;

• Providing oversight of the County’s debt portfolio containing general obligation bonds, lease revenue bonds, special revenue bonds, equipment financing, pension bonds, pooled financing, conduit financing, Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note (TRAN) financing, etc.

• Coordinating the development of long-term financing strategies, including the use of commercial paper, variable and fixed long term debt, loans and reserves;

• Administering the County banking and trustee services; administers and directs various consultant service contracts; ensures compliance with applicable standards and specifications.


The county seeks an enthusiastic individual who possesses strong managerial skills and a solid background in investment management. This individual should have a high level of experience managing substantial sums of money as well as experience supervising investment/portfolio staff and functions. It is desirable that candidates possess a keen understanding of banking relationships and procedures, cash flow and the liquidity demands of a large organization, and regulations relating to the investment of public funds. The candidate must be able to analyze financial and securities market data, negotiate the purchase and sale of securities at favorable market prices, and prepare reports supporting recommendations. 

A qualified candidate would normally acquire the knowledge and abilities listed below by training and experience equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, economics, business administration or banking and finance; and six (6) years’ experience at a level with direct responsibility for the management of public financing, large debt issuance, and investment of substantial sums of money. Five (5) years of which should be supervisory experience and include recent technology for investment tracking, trading and program enhancements for cash flow analysis for the main portfolio and internal funds within the portfolio, security evaluation and reporting function. Identifying needs and implementing debt-related transactions, analyzing financial capacity, and interacting with rating agencies, financial advisors and bond counsels. Possession of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license is desirable.


Santa Clara County is made up of people from diverse cultures, nationalities, and racial groups. Over 100 languages and dialects spoken. A large percentage of the population in the County was born outside of the United States. 

Santa Clara County, sometimes referred to as “Silicon Valley,” is unique for its geographic attractiveness and social diversity. With its numerous natural amenities and one of the highest standards of living in the country, it has long been considered one of the best areas in the United States to live and work. 

The County’s population of is 1.92 million the largest in Northern California, one of the State’s most heterogeneous, rich in ethnic and cultural diversity, and enjoys access to all of the attractions of the San Francisco Bay Area. The elected Board of Supervisors establish policies to address issues that affect the day-to-day operation of County government and is responsible for an annual operating and capital improvement budget of more than $9 billion. It adopts ordinances that affect unincorporated communities and oversees the budget. The County operates under a “charter” form of government, which gives the County substantial responsibility and authority. Under this charter, the Board appoints a County Executive to administer County Government. Santa Clara County is the third largest employer in Silicon Valley with approximately 22,000 employees. 

Much like the communities it serves, the County of Santa Clara’s workforce is also highly diverse, with an ethnic distribution that closely approximates that of the county as a whole. Additionally, the County’s workforce is widely distributed across age groups, with employees ranging from 18 to 80. This wide range provides the County with diverse perspectives and allows for better representation across the many generations we serve. 







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