Transfer Band Calculator

The Transfer Band Calculator calculates the percentage difference between classifications. Current personnel rules and Memoranda of Understandings allow qualified employees in classified positions to laterally transfer to a higher classification where the salary range is within 10%, 12%, or 15% of their current classification (depending on the Memoranda of Understandings).

Please note that the Transfer Band Calculator uses the minimum hourly rate for the two classes in determining the difference since it is generally the most favorable for the employee (regardless of the current step the employee is at). See your Union Contract to determine the allowable transfer band.

This calculation will not work if one or both classifications have broad range or flat rate pay structures or longevity pay. For assistance, please consult your Department Service Center or HR Analyst.

Transfer Band Calculator

The percentage of difference in salary between your current position and the salary of the position that you want to transfer to is:


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