Unpaid Leaves of Absence and Your Benefits

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What The County Pays:

The County will pay the single cost of the basic benefit package for full-time employees while on an unpaid leave of absence for medical, maternity and workers' compensation types of leaves for a maximum of 13 pay periods. 

What The Employee Pays:

Employees are responsible for the payment of the difference between the single and family cost of the medical plan in order to maintain coverage for dependents while on leave. These payments must be made on a biweekly basis. Part-time employees are responsible for the prorated portion of their basic benefit package while on leave.

Failure to pay the biweekly costs for family coverage or the prorated portion will result in termination of coverage for yourself and/or your dependents. Upon return from leave, you will be automatically enrolled in the same benefits you had prior to the beginning of your leave. Due to processing timelines, re-enrollment may take up to 30 days. Employees are responsible for payment of any voluntary insurance plans such as Supplemental Life.

Benefits Administration will notify you in writing what your costs will be while on an unpaid leave. It is very important that you keep your immediate Supervisor and your Departmental Employee Service Center informed about your leave so that the appropriate paperwork is processed through the Personnel/Payroll system. Without appropriate processing, Benefits Administration will not be able to send you important information.

Leaves Beyond 13 Pay Periods, Personal Leave Or Suspension:

The employee will be responsible for payment of the full cost of the basic benefit package for either single or family coverage. You will be notified of your payment responsibilities prior to the end of the 13 pay periods or when your Department processes the necessary paperwork for your personal leave. Employees on suspension for one or more pay periods must contact Benefits Administration to arrange for payment of benefits.

Family Leave Act Policy:

The County has a policy that conforms to the State and Federal Family Leave Acts. In some cases, an  employee may be eligible to take a family leave of up to 12 weeks in a 12-month period, with paid benefits for both single and family coverage during this 12-week period. Payment of benefit premiums will be as if you are at work. If you have a prorated deduction or pay a premium for family coverage while you are at work, then you will be expected to continue those payments while on this type of leave in order maintain your coverage. Employees must apply for FMLA and meet the eligibility criteria as described by law in order to take this type of leave. An employee may take a family leave for their own illness or the illness of a qualified family member and for the birth or adoption of a child.

Refer to your specific memorandum of understanding​ for specific details relating to unpaid leaves of absence.

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