What Are the Necessary Steps Prior to Filling a Vacancy

1. All approvals to fill a vacancy whether departmental or through Employee Services Agency or Office of Budget and Analysis, must be obtained prior to any recruitment process.
2. Edicts of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or departmental agreements with a bargaining unit must be followed, as there are often requirements of how vacancies must be filled prior to requesting an employment list, such as seniority, bid process, or posting requirements. View the MOU and MOAs on the Labor Relations webpage. View the Departmental Agreements in Connect.

3. All applicants must be determined by Human Resources to meet the employment standards of the classification prior to appointment.  (A25-101)

4. The recruitment process may begin prior to the current incumbent vacating the position.  For example, if there is an employee who has given written notice of retirement, start the process by requesting approval to fill the vacancy, thereby reducing or eliminating the amount of time the position is vacant.

5. Only one paid incumbent may fill a position at any one time.  Using the previous example, do not place a newly appointed employee into the position before the current incumbent vacates!

6. If the position is alternately staffed, it may be filled at any level in the series.  (A25-36)

7. A current employee of the County who accepts an offer of employment for a vacancy should start at the beginning of a pay period.

8. Differential payments are not counted toward an employee’s base wages when calculating transfer eligibility or salary placement, nor do those payments necessarily follow an employee upon movement to a new position.

9. Do not promise any candidate, whether new to the County or a current employee, a particular salary unless you have received the appropriate approval and authorization from Human Resources. The salary or step placement of a current County employee is determined by the “promotional rule” as outlined in the Personnel Practices of the County Ordinance. (A25-660 (a) (g)) 

10. If uncertain about any personnel practices or requirements, always contact the Departmental Service Center or Human Resources Analyst.

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