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Never before has what the County of Santa Clara does for its nearly 2 million community members been so clear. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the County publicly led the way doing everything possible to keep residents safe and healthy. Yet, the County has operated and continues to operate like this every day - in so many ways. We are a collective of employees that goes above and beyond the expected, getting important work done serving residents and visitors alike. 

Whether you’ve recently graduated from school, have relocated, are searching for a stable employer, or are looking for a new career altogether, find your fit with the County of Santa Clara. It takes a diverse workforce to support our diverse community. Your range of skills, talents, experience, and perspectives are welcome here - we’re hiring! Explore job opportunities below.

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The County of Santa Clara is hiring!

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The County of Santa Clara, the largest public organization in northern California, runs an amazing operation. There’s so much to know about our organization and the County as your next employer.  Click here – get acquainted with what we do and how you can find your fit with us!

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